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About Us

Tennis & Life Camps provides a unique learning experience through our Three Crowns™ training techniques. We teach concentration and relaxation methods, confidence-building strategies, match strategies for beginners to advanced players, and mechanics you can count on when the match gets tight. What we apply on the court can be applied to every area of your life.

We do all this through first-rate instruction, humor, reflection, music, and interactions with campers on and off the court. Our instructors will not just teach you tennis and leave you once they walk off the court. They will dine with you, counsel junior campers, carry your luggage, be in a variety show act with your child, play GVS with you, and be there for you because they believe in you as a player and a person.


All camps take place on the beautiful campus of Gustavus Adolphus College, located in Saint Peter, MInnesota. With 12 outdoor courts and 6 indoor courts, Tennis & Life Camps at Gustavus has one of the finest tennis facilities in the country.

The TLC Three Crowns Philosophy


Things can and will go wrong in tennis and in life. A positive attitude is not about being “happy,” but choosing the next action that will move you forward. 


No one can make you give up. Not your coach, your parent, your boss, your opponent, or your teammate. Only you can. You have the choice to continue giving your all, regardless of circumstances.


Every single act of sportsmanship on and off the court can be summed up in one sentence: Treat others the way you/they want to be treated. It is always a choice and always an action. At TLC, we teach effective techniques to focus on what is in our control on and off the court, and how to let go of what is not.


TLC focuses on identifying the things we can control and applying them on and off the court (the Three Crowns). The key to this is having the serenity to accept what we cannot change (winning, playing well, other people’s behavior and choices, illness, life’s unforeseen challenges), and having the courage to change what we can (our own actions as we face challenges in life and in tennis). Wisdom comes by knowing the difference between the two.

We believe in a culture of belonging and acceptance.
We respect and affirm the dignity of all people.
We know diversity is a strength.
We embrace the complexities and challenges of equity and inclusion.
We invite you to discover your best self. 
Join us on the journey!

Gustavus and Tennis & Life Camps Belonging Statement: 

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