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Packing List

Recommended Packing List 

  • Tennis Racket 

  • Non-marking tennis shoes only! (Please, no cross trainers or running shoes!) 

  • Rain poncho or umbrella (for walking between dorm & indoor tennis in rain) 

  • Tennis clothes for 3.5 days at camp 

    • Shorts/skirts 

    • Shirts 

    • Socks 

    • Undergarments 

    • Warm-up suit/sweatshirt (if cooler) 

  • Evening Clothes 

    • for social/entertainment activities 

  • Swimsuit (Indoor swimming available) 

  • Beach towel 

  • Bathrobe (toilets & showers are outside the dorm rooms) ● Sunscreen 

  • Bug Spray 

  • Toiletries 

  • Alarm Clock 

  • Money for incidental expenses at the Pro Shop and/or vending machines 

  • Snacks for dorm room (non-refrigerated) 


Provided By TLC 

  • Bed linen (sheets, pillowcase and blanket) 

  • Pillow

  • Small towel each day 

  • Wash cloth 

  • Small bar of soap available 

  • TLC water bottle 

  • TLC camp t-shirt 


For Sale in Camp Proshop 

  • Rackets, accessories, bags, & clothing 

  • Convenience Items (Advil, Deodorant, Shampoo, etc.) 

  • Pizza for evening snack (Junior/Tournament Camps Only ) 

  • Overnight tennis racket restringing 


Junior Campers Who Drive to Camp 
A note to their parents: 
For camp liability reasons juniors may not use their cars while at camp nor may they leave camp early without prior written permission from their parents. 
Juniors are required to leave their car keys in the pro shop during check-in!

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