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David Lachman: First Unofficial Inductee Into The TLC Hall Of Fame

David Lachman upon receiving Unofficial Hall of Fame jersey. Rafter raising ceremony TBD.

Sometimes, people deserve more blogs than they get.

I believe this is only the third blog I have written over seven years on David Lachman.

Today may or may not be the last.

For sixteen years David has either been a camper, an instructor, or assistant director of TLC.  The last seven have been as assistant director.

D-Lach motivating campers with smiley faced racket and smiley faced face

If you love TLC, you love David.

If you have been influenced positively by TLC, you have been influenced by David, whether you know it or not.

If you have experienced kindness at TLC, you have experienced kindness from David through his modeling it to the staff, who pass it on to you.

If you have ever messed up a registration, you have been saved by David.

If you have been frustrated by any process that wasn’t perfect, you have been soothed by David, who then made it right.

If you ever needed anything before you knew you needed it, David “Radar” (thanks for the name, Lucky!) Lachman has presented it to you while your openly gaping mouth tried to get out the words, “How did you know?”

Davey Gravy, Sportsmanship Character Extraordinaire and Thanksgiving Chef

If you ever found yourself wondering who models the behavior of service behind the scenes and asks no credit, now you know.  David.

And if you wonder how TLC has expanded as a non-profit to create collaborative relationships with the USTA, InnerCity Tennis, Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center, Saint Paul Urban Tennis, the MSHSL and countless other organizations and schools, look no further.  David.

Camper outreach?  David.

Strategic planning?  David.

Keeping the director from going off the rails?  David.

David Lachman saying “Let’s all look like we are talking about something important for the camera.”

All around remarkable human being?  Yep.  David.

And, if you wonder who is heading off on his next great adventure beyond TLC, the answer is David.

One does not say goodbye to someone who has profoundly changed your life through wise advice, trusted friendship, creative partnership, shared vision for the greater good, belief in the value and dignity of all people, a willingness to go to battle with those who are not given the same opportunity in this world as some of the rest of us, and a sense of humor that can be both wicked and kind at the same time.

One does not say goodbye.  Just thank you.

David Lachman off to a much deserved rest after 16 years of TLC. I will wake up soon, I promise ;).


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