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Healing Our Brokenness

Our country is broken into millions of little pieces. Why? Because every human being I know is broken. Can we ever be put back together? That depends.

We are always faced with two choices with our brokenness. We can take those jagged pieces of our lives and we can slash, and we can stab, and we can threaten, and we can hurt. That is certainly an option all of us have chosen at one point or another.

Or we can take those pieces and make them into a mosaic with others that is more beautiful than anything we could have created alone with just our own brokenness.

The choice is always ours. To hurt or to heal. No matter what anyone else does, we still have that choice.

Today would have been the first day of our three annual winter retreat camps where we bring together campers and staff of all colors, religions, genders, sexualities, politics, and economics and have dialogue about changing systemic inequities in our country and in sports.  By using our Three Crowns • Positive Attitude • Full Effort • Good Sportsmanship℠ as a template, we focus on changing the world for the better for all, collectively and individually.

Because of the pandemic, we cannot gather this winter.  But that does not mean we stop the work.

These campers and these staff members have helped me become a part of a much more beautiful mosaic than I was ever a part of before.  I was afraid before.  Of what I would lose.  Of what I would have to give up.  And then I met them.  All colors, religions, genders, nationalities.

They welcomed me to learn.  They didn’t have to.  Because of them, I don’t see myself as “apart from” them.  I see myself as “a part of” them.  And that has made all the difference.  But I am only “a part of” them if I work to help create the same opportunities I have been given in this life, which I received through nothing more than luck of the draw.

Thank you to all the campers and staff who continue to help me let go of my fear of “the other”; who teach me to reexamine my long-held beliefs about those who I have perceived as “different” than I am; and who are leading the way to an even more beautiful TLC.


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