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Ten Questions About Light for You and Your Family

Today is Winter Solstice. The longest night of the year. OR the day the light begins to return in greater chunks each day for the next six months. Depends on how you look at it.

It is the season of light. Hannukah. Christmas. Kwanzaa. Solstice. St. Lucia. All celebrate bringing light into the dark world.

So, today, ten questions for you to answer about light. We will be asking these at our family table or around the tree or after our own traditional Christmas Eve feast of White Castles. (Yes, you read that correctly, but that is a story for another day).

You can ask them as you sit by the Menorah, or light a candle for one of the days of Kwanzaa, or celebrating the earth turning towards the sun on Solstice. Or just because.

This is not a contest. There are no right or wrong answers. You don’t have to answer how you think you “should”, just with the first thing that comes to mind.

1. Who are five people who have brought light into your life? 2. Think of a time of darkness in your life. Who came to you and offered you light? 3. Sunrise or sunset? 4. Who brought you the light of tennis? 5. Who in your life is gone but still brings light to you when you think of them? 6. The moon, the stars, or the sun? 7. Who is one person who taught you to see light in a new way or from a different angle? 8. What is one time you know you brought light into someone else’s life? 9. What is one thing this holiday season you can do to bring light into someone else’s life? 10. What is one thing this holiday season you can do to bring light to yourself?

There. Light is just another word for love. And we all know, Tennis begins with…..

Happy season of light from Tennis & Light Camps!


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