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TLC Thanksgiving Blog – What If…

What if, when you sit around the Thanksgiving table today, or wherever you sit, you take one Gratitude Minute together in silence, and think about all the things you’re grateful for. Not a meditation, not a prayer, just let your mind be a movie reel and let all the things you are grateful for wash over and through you in the silence.

What if you shared one or two of those things that might be more unusual: the sound of the breathing around the table…. A kid squirming…. The smell of good cooking distracting you…. The cat purring up against your leg… If you’re allergic to cats, the allergy medicine you took before heading to Aunt Mabel’s house.

What if you texted or emailed a short compliment to someone you had a problematic relationship with at some point in your life.

What if you wrote, simply, “I’m sorry”, with no “buts” attached to it, to someone you need to make amends with.

What if you texted or emailed a note of gratitude to a mentor who believed in you and who changed the direction of your life for the better, and let them know on this day of pause, how different your life would have been without them.

What if you physically wrote a four sentence thank you note (it will take two minutes) to your child, your partner, your parent or grandparent, your spouse, or your friend and put it on their pillow before bed or sealed it and sent it.

What if you told someone closest to you, out loud, “Thank you for being in my life. I love you.” And just let that hang in the air.

What if you went to a mirror in your house and pointed at the person in it and said, “Hey, you, good job doing the best you can in life. I love you, too.” (You are allowed to laugh uncomfortably when you do this).

What if at the end of today, you took a Gratitude Minute all by yourself, with no one else knowing or being any the wiser, and just sat with it.

What if this all makes you feel totally uncomfortable, but you start with just one of the above, whichever is easiest for you?

What if you did some these things once a week until it became a habit.

I wonder what it would do inside of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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